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These iPad Apps were designed to help you plan, organize, and run your meetings using an iPad.  Take advantage and see what  Apple has for you.  You can purchase these iPad and iPhone Apps from the iTunes store use the quick link for the
ones you wish to purchase
iPad Apps
Use the App Store to get apps for Planning your next meeting
Meeting Box - Notes, Tasks, Recordings, and Sketches (Elite)
Fuze Meeting HD
Meeting Pad
AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder
GoodNotes - Take Notes & Annotate PDF docs w/ Dropbox
WebEx for iPad
Meeting Box - Notes, Tasks, Recordings, and Sketches (Regular)
HT Recorder for iPad
MagicalPad - Notes & Outliner
GoodNotes Free - Take Notes & Annotate PDF docs w/ Dropbox
Air Sketch
Epson iProjection
Whiteboard HD
Idea Flight
ZigZag Board - A Collaborative Whiteboard for Your iPad and the Web
InterCall Mobile Assistant
Meetings - Notebooks for Work
AT&T Connect Mobile Application for iPad
Writing Pad
Writing Pad
Live Notes Lite
ShowAnytime - VGA output for PowerPoint and PDF
Meeting Notes
CSM 2012
Robert's Rules
World Economic Forum Meetings
Agenda Maker
Peak Meetings HD (better, faster meetings)
Meeting Room
SMART Bridgit Conferencing
NASDAQ OMX Directors Desk
MyMeetingPro HD - MMP Meeting Facilitator
Sketch & Speak - Voice Record Meeting Notes & Draw or Picture Sign Autograph
MediaSlate- An Interactive Whiteboard
Meeting Mate
SAP EMEA and DACH Field Kick-Off Meeting 2012

You can purchase these iPhone and iPad Apps from the iTunes store use the quick link for the
ones you wish to purchase

iPhone Apps


  Name Developer Category Released/Updated  
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Cisco Business 01/06/09
GoToMeeting Citrix Online Business 03/29/11
iTalk Recorder Griffin Technology Business 10/20/08
AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder Luminant Software, Inc Business 04/29/10 LogMeIn, Inc. Productivity 02/02/11
HT Professional Recorder Andrew Berlin Business 10/14/08
SuperShare IRLMobile Software Utilities 04/18/11
Powwownow Powwownow Business 03/29/10
AT&T Connect Mobile AT&T Inc. Business 12/23/09
Daily Agenda Virtua Productivity 03/24/11
Whiteboard Capture Pro Jeremy Collins Business 01/23/09
Doodle for iPhone Neoos Productivity 11/24/09
Epson iProjection EPSON Productivity 01/05/12
ApptDialer FoxGroup Business 06/28/09
Whiteboard Logicopolis Technology Inc. Productivity 04/10/09
iCalendar Infinite Tiers, Inc. Productivity 01/06/12
TimeScroller - Time Zone Utility Terry Brett Business 08/17/08
Recorder Plus Turbokey Studio Utilities 04/27/11
myAgenda Matt Hunter Business 06/08/09
MightyMeeting MightyMeeting Inc Business 12/04/09
Tungle - Calendar sharing & scheduling Tungle Corporation Productivity 09/20/09
InterCall Mobile Assistant InterCall Business 01/29/10
Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator Cisco Business 09/29/09
ShowAnytime - VGA output for PowerPoint and PDF CYBERWARE Inc. Business 10/15/09
COMA LBi Business 01/04/12
Meeting REC -Multiple voice recorder- Lithos co., Ltd. Business 05/16/11
Regus Regus Business 09/01/10
Meeting Notes Keld Pedersen Business 11/26/10
CSM 2012 TripBuilder, Inc. Business 01/12/12
Robert's Rules Jim Snyder Business 07/29/10
EventBoard Ender Labs Utilities 09/29/10
World Economic Forum Meetings World Economic Forum Business 01/12/11
Pocket TimeBomb Happio Workshop Business 11/04/10
Whiteboard Share Ricoh Innovations Business 03/13/10
Recurring Events Steve Development Business 11/21/11
Agenda Maker ydangle Productivity 04/19/11
iRemind Evolve Networks Productivity 02/10/10
Meeting Notes Sekala Software Productivity 04/15/11
Bridge Call Dialer AHUB Development Productivity 01/05/11
Peak Meetings HD (better, faster meetings) Creating Thunder, Inc. Business 10/28/10
Time Zone Meeting Planner by Global Integration Signature Digital Business 09/18/10
World Meeting Planner Miroslav Elsner Business 08/28/10
Super Planner - Event Planning App Heathcote Media Group, LLC Business 08/02/10
Organizer + MorrisCooke Productivity 10/22/11
NSM 2012 Novartis Animal Health Inc. Business 01/16/12
Add Reminder to Calendar Impresario Digital Utilities 08/19/10
Meeting Sound FX Centrasoft Corporation Entertainment 08/11/09
synchronize Solv LLC Utilities 06/04/10
GlobalMeet Mobile Premiere Global Services Business 06/10/11
Dial My Meeting DNA Products, LLC Productivity 08/17/11




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